Fondly, Effeigh: Trend Watch: Viking Braids

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Trend Watch: Viking Braids

I often catch myself brimming with envy as I take my seasonal hairstyle census: the oppressive NYC heat is already distributing its usual calling cards of humidity induced frizz and neck-clinging flyaways, and bold young women everywhere are lopping off their locks, side stepping the styling struggles.

I, on the other hand, due to a great many years of consecutive, ill-advised hair don'ts (mohawks, faux hawks, mullets - you name it, I'm ashamed of it) am completely unwilling at this stage in my life to part with the limp strands still recovering from so many botched color processes, which have finally made their way down to my clavicle. So what's a girl to do with her sloppy mop when summer's unforgiving conditions set up camp in the muggy Big Apple?

Ladies, I submit to you THE VIKING BRAID. This more ornate cousin of the bohemian styles that have permeated the summer festival subculture for a handful of years now is an attractive alternative to messy buns and *shudder* ponytails that scream, respectively "I don't have my shit together" and "I just came from the gym." For a small investment of time (enlist a gal pal and make an event of it) you can rock these intricate hair sculptures straight on till shampoo day, and fancy yourself an elegant warrior-goddess who is not to be crossed. 

Source: Bustle

Pinterest has oodles of inspo and -thankfully- tutorials with which to experiment. Go forth and impress with your tresses!

xoxo Effeigh

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